A Hybrid Advice Platform for Canadian Financial Advisors

MoneyGaps is an online tool for financial advisors who believe ALL Canadians deserve financial planning.

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MoneyGaps is a complete, end-to-end online solution.

Find and convert leads. Analyse clients with state-of-the-art tools.

Generate plain-English recommendations that clients understand.

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  • Leads.

    Use your MoneyGaps profile page to find new leads. Each lead comes directly to you with actionable data from our Snapshot Tool.

  • Clients.

    See all the gaps in your clients' finances instantly on the client dashboard. You'll know all the ways you can help, and they'll have a better understanding of the value of planning.

  • Analysis.

    Generate an easy-to-understand report card with a grade for different categories, and an overall Grade Point Average. MoneyGaps has 8 custom Gap Analysis Tools based on industry best-practices.

  • Compliance.

    Automatically generated "Reason Why" letters for every analysis you provide and every decision a client makes. Timestamped and signed.

  • Reporting.

    Get alerts to help you provide planning and follow up on recommendations. Reduce client meeting preparation time. Automated client journals.

  • Referrals.

    Automatically refer clients to your custom third-party network of professionals. Lawyer referrals for estate plans. Accountant referrals for tax preparation and planning. And more

Fits your current workflow.

No lock-in. No commitment.

  • Product-agnostic analysis tools.

    MoneyGaps helps you provide actionable advice for your clients using our custom algorithms based on award-winning research. Fast, efficient, and customizable. Use any services or products in tandem with MoneyGaps.

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  • Finally offer your clients a holistic view, not just pieces.

    From beginning to end, MoneyGaps is focused on shifting clients' mindsets that financial advice is only about investing or insurance. Give a 360 degree view of people's financial lives.

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  • Compliance. Built in.

    Reduce the burden of compliance. Increase accountability and transparency for both you and clients with automatically generated "Reasons Why" letters for all advice, not just regulator-required activities.

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Each MoneyGaps plan includes the ability to generate leads and analyse clients.



Plans include a 30-day free trial. Free cancellation anytime. All prices in CAD excluding tax.

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MoneyGaps is Canadian owned and operated. All prices in Canadian dollars.

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